Corporate Reel

Music by Darius - Omeo

March's Motion Reel

Ptaki - Krystina

Intime - Main Commercial

Music composed by Acacia Studio


In Brief...

Ambroise & Benjamin are Paradax Period, a creative duo of visual storytellers.

We develop stories and ideas to lead our craziness in making films. Making things that will make US dream again. Their production is focused on concept-to-delivery creative projects.

Covering all aspects of film production and post production.

What we do


Corporate Reel

We've been lucky to work all around Europe with amazing clients.The beat still goes on this year.

Motion Design

2D Reel

In march we have been busy working on 3 projects that all include 2D animation.


Intime - Tv Spot

We have been working very closely with the brand Intime for their new products line. We have supervised this media campaign from A to Z with bespoke content for social medias (Instagram filters). This project was entirely filmed in Brussel, Belgium and the campaign has been successfully launched in Democratic Republic of Congo with this TV Spot.

3D Rendering

Architectural Design

The project was made for an architectural firm in order to up to date the look of their website. #3DSMax #V-Ray