AfroVision - True Love

Music by Yemi alade - True Love

The Live performance is not ON

Trailer in progress

Unbecoming . A search for the Self

Music by The Chill Odyssey - Dream Koala

LGBTQ+ Documentary (Teaser)

Music by The Blaze - Heaven

Teaser - Beautiful Lie (James Edan)

Music by Jon Brion

Abstract Reel

Nana - Polo & Pan

Citizen A - Introduction

In Brief...

Ambroise & Benjamin are Paradax Period, a creative duo of visual storytellers.

We develop stories and ideas to lead our craziness in making films. Making things that will make US dream again. Their production is focused on concept-to-delivery creative projects.

Covering all aspects of film production and post production.

What we do


Moving Image Arts

AfroVision - True Love

We are celebrating the Black History Month with Project X and the talented dancer Joy Maria. Directing this project was an honour and we are very proud that we were able to express a palette of beautiful and explosive emotions through this music video. Read more about the project here and here

Moving Image Arts

(this) silence is also deafening. And sometimes there are no words for that.

This project is the work of ambitious Giants: A live collaboration between Claricia Parinussa & Rowdy SS through Tramway’s spaces, captured in a single take by our filmmaker. Offering 42 minutes of transportation through the 5th Dimension, an incredible experience for all your senses. Read more about this project here.

Moving Image Arts

A search for the Self

This work is an intimate collaboration with the Artist Dancer Hermes Iyele. Introducing his call for the consciousness of the Self. This was filmed in one take in Glasgow Queens Park, delivering a sincere performance with a hand-crafted filmlook emulsion.


LGBTQ+ Documentary (Teaser)

We teamed up with Stonewall on this Documentary, exploring the life experiences of LGBTQ+ people.

Music Promo

Beautiful Lie - James Edan

Teaser of a glaswegian music video we made. Thanks to all the people who have contributed to the project.

Motion Design

Abstract Reel

Short Film

Citizen A

A man's first draft.

Work in progress

A fresh new start

(working title)