Teaser of: Lovey and Boy

A carnival Odyssey

AfroVision - True Love

Music by Yemi alade - True Love

Unbecoming . A search for the Self

Music by The Chill Odyssey - Dream Koala

LGBTQIA+ Docuseries - Stonewall

Music by The Blaze - Heaven

In Brief...

Ambroise & Benjamin are Paradax Period, a creative duo of visual storytellers.

Composing with their visual poetry and ounce of craziness to make things that will make us dream again.
Their production is focused on concept-to-delivery creative projects.

Covering all aspects of film production.

What we do



Um, Indecisive

EYVE is born to become a Super Star. This EP/Music Video is just a pure fusion of talent and beauty. This is just the beginning of her trajectory. Wow! and Thank you! to all the incredible TEAM as well as Babyjaii, Purina Alpha, Mongee Kahuure and all the Amazing collaborators Mele Broomes, Axor, MC Laffitte & Nusa from ID.Y | Read more about it here.

Sekai Machache


This Spiritual Film is the oeuvre of a colossal achievement shaped by Sekai Machache and her renowned collaborators, to name but a few: Mele Broomes, Alberta Whittle, Eyve Maydise, Trisha Goddard, Esther Swift, Gilian Katungi, Zethu Maseko, Fiona Catherine Powell, Tilda Williams-Kelly, Douglas Tyrrell Bunge, Washington Gwande... This piece is an Ancestral Poem, a Ritual, a Necessity...Thank you! Read more about it here.

Storytelling Cabaret


A wonderful moving image project that pays homage to Scotland’s untold Black history, and celebrates Black and Black LGBTQIA+ excellence and performance in Scotland. It was a great privilege to work with Divine Tasinda, Kheanna Walker, Andrea Baker, Rhys Hollis, Adam Castle (@Pollyanna) and all the rest of the Team ♠. Read more about it here and find out where it's screening here.


Moving in Relation 1. 'eco-co-location'

Corin Sworn and Nusa present eco-co-location – a live one-off performance filmed in a vacant office space within a near-empty suburban business park. Emerging through physical and verbal discussions, the performance explores dispersed sensation and variously suspended and compressed timeframes in response to this lapsed infrastructure of late capitalist administration. Find more about it here

Project X

Lovey and Boy - A Carnival Odyssey

Thank you to the lovely team of Project X for bringing together this cocktail of talents and performances.We fail in love with all aspects of this enchanting tale. Each detail is beaming at you. Such an enjoyment to be part of this. Read more about it here (don’t miss out the amazing collaborators).

Take me somewhere festival


Art has no frontiers, and we think that Nusa & Rowdy SS are out there travelling at an unstoppable speed. It is simply remarkable to witness their work in this common timeline. This mystic one take is still playing live inside us. Read more about it here and


glasgow international

Taboo Durag - Paul Maheke

As part of Glasgow International, Paul came here to reveal a solo performance touching on personal trauma and healing. Something wonderful came out from this encounter. Floating among Paul’s vibrations has a transformative force. Read more about this project here.


hologram 10.7

A digital performance which mediates on ongoing collaborative research and dialogues around bodies, existings and imaginings. We feel that this entanglement has its own divinity. Simply magic ★ Thank you Nusa. Read more about it here and here.

Black History Month

AfroVision - True Love

We are celebrating the Black History Month with Project X and the talented dancer Joy Maria. Directing this project was an honour and we are very proud that we were able to express a palette of beautiful and explosive emotions through this music video. Read more about the project here

OGR & Tramway

(this) silence is also deafening. And sometimes there are no words for that.

This project is the work of ambitious Giants: A live collaboration between Nusa & Rowdy SS through Tramway’s spaces, captured in a single take by our filmmaker. Offering 42 minutes of transportation through the 5th Dimension, an incredible experience for all your senses. Read more about this project here.

Une Rencontre

A search for the Self

This work is an intimate collaboration with the Artist Dancer Hermes Iyele. Introducing his call for the consciousness of the Self. This was filmed in one take in Glasgow Queens Park, delivering a sincere performance with a hand-crafted filmlook emulsion.


LGBTQIA+ Docuseries - Stonewall

Cherish Oteka directed Stonewall docuseries exploring the lives of LGBTQIA+ community. Powerful and inspiring stories were shared by beautiful people.